By Tazweed

Tazweed Business is a cloud-based management software that is fast, secure, and customizable. It is mainly used by independent businesses and freelancers who need to manage their employees, inventory, invoices, and job cards on devices. It is powered by an advanced AI engine which offers a friendly and intuitive UI, helping users track everything that is going on in their business. With this software, users can easily generate invoices, check inventory status, view profit margins, and get other such information 24x7 from anywhere in the world. This cloud solution has been tailor-made to serve several industries and deliver any individual’s needs based on their requirements. The cloud-based product suite enables users to pay much attention to their workforce management. The application offers a simple way to generate estimates or invoices from any device or platform, helping users save time and stay more professional and organized. Users can also manage their inventory with ease by fulfilling orders faster, reducing processing