Global PayEX

By Global PayEX

Global PayEx is an AI-powered platform designed for working capital optimisation in B2B accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR). Simply put, Global PayEX offers working capital efficiency leveraging extensive and sophisticated AI-driven AP and AR monitoring solutions. The software is capable of improving all metrics of working capital including DPOs, DSOs, cash conversion cycle (CCC), reconciliation costs and time, unapplied receipts. The inbuilt technology is such that it processes millions of payments and invoices with automated reconciliation to the ERP systems. Some of the notable products of Global PayEx for AR include FinEX, FreePay, AlgoriQ, Request to Pay and e-Proof of Delivery. For AP, the products are AP Automation and AP Financing. Request to Pay enables end-to-end AR automation through an invoice presentment via a customised link for view, payment, reconciliation and ERP