By Bookleaf

Bookleaf is a platform that helps with your bookkeeping needs, no matter if you are a busy manager or a small business owner. It offers licensed accountants to keep your business books for you in an accountable presentation. Bookleaf assigns a dedicated accounts manager to your business who looks after your bookkeeping. After deriving the required information about your business accounts, the app’s accounts manager is entitled to bookkeeping for you every month. Users also get a monthly financial reporting of the company to help the owner keep the finances in check. The platform also provides a team of dedicated accountants looking after the queries of the users, at any point in time. With Bookleaf, have your business accounts maintained by professionals in a very cost-effective way. The app also specializes in handling the accounts of diverse industries, thus offering them custom and more effective solutions. Be it for your real-estate business, your medical industry or for your large Enterprise, Bookleaf can handle