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Glorium Technologies is a full-cycle app and software development company that serves specific client business needs and tries to manage them via the best possible technology solutions. Are you a startup or a mid-size business trying to push your project to the market faster? Are you developing a digital product for Healthcare or Real Estate? We provide tech startups with the strategic & technical expertise they need to build their vision, for less. With deep knowledge in many industries, we work alongside your team, assisting in creating sophisticated software solutions and getting to the market faster.

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Exponential Health - BodyO Visit Website


Timeline: 13 weeks   Amount: 50,001 to 1,00,000

The Exponential Health application is a scalable, fast and secure web health app that processes complex calculations over large volumes of data in short periods of time. Glorium Technologies did all the work to provide maximum levels of accuracy while calculating in a multithreaded environment. Our team integrated external bases, so the customer got the solution that calculates optimal prices based on data loaded to the system.